Sunday, August 28, 2016

The importance of pain tolerance in self defense

We are taught that pain is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs. While this is mostly true, it is not always possible in self defense and thus we should learn to have high tolerance for it in case. It is unwise however to believe that we are invincible because we have a high pain tolerance as our opponents are still capable of immobilizing our bodies. Our first and most important priority is to protect our health while ending the fight as quickly as possible.

Pain is simply a distress signal to our brains caused by damaging stimuli. While it's inevitable that our nerve receptors will feel it, we can alter how we register that pain psychologically. Why is pain tolerance important? Our emotional and psychological response to pain can greatly alter how injuries affect us. If we react in fear and panic then we risk further injury. Pain tolerance can also be the difference between fight or flight in the battle for survival. Pain tolerance is vital in a self defense situation as it can determine how quickly we can recover from an attack and respond to it.

Pain tolerance cannot be gained from repeatedly exposing yourself to pain. This will make things worse. Studies show that pain tolerance can be achieved through diet, cognitive strategies via meditation and convincing yourself that the pain is helping, a role model, laughing, touching the wound, breathing exercises, positive self talk, etc.

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