Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to apply ninjutsu in self defense training

Ninjutsu is a Japanese system historically used in Feudal Japan involving espionage, unconventional warfare, hit and run tactics, and much more. Ninjutsu has been historically shrouded in mystery and often glamorized in Hollywood. In this guide, i'll give you some insights and resources on how to apply ninjutsu to your self defense training.

* Discard what's useless and simplify your skills - While you may expect to learn a wide range of ninjutsu skills, the reality is much of it is useless in today's world. You realistically won't be running around in ninja attire infiltrating buildings and using all sorts of weapons in combat. There's no point in training with weapons that you won't carry or legally be able to use in combat. If you are to efficiently practice ninjutsu, you'll only need a limited set of essential skills for self defense.

* Be evasive - Evading a threat in Ninjutsu is one skill set that will prove useful today. If you are to be successful in self defense, you must evade a potentially violent threat before it even emerges. This can be done by remaining anonymous on the web for example. If an armed attacker barges in a public place, you can use stealth techniques from Intonjutsu to silently make an escape or conceal yourself. If you are aware of a potentially threatening person following you, it's wise to divert him or her into a false path. You could also put your potential threat in a position where he or she cannot pursue you without revealing themselves in the process. You can use a distraction to blind your attacker in combat such as powder before escaping.          

* Use deception - The essence of ninjutsu is deception. Deception is not dressing in a black ninja suit and performing flashy magic tricks as Hollywood depicts. There's various tactics that are useful in deceiving your attacker such as feints, psychological manipulation, propaganda, persuasion, and so on. Appear strong when weak and weak when strong. One of the ultimate skills of ninjutsu is manipulating your target's perception rather than engaging in combat.

* Blend in with the environment - Part of ninjutsu is using the environment to your advantage to avoid detection. It's critical to have an in-depth understanding of the environment in order to use your ninjutsu skills effectively. You can use camouflage and stealth techniques to evade or engage the enemy when necessary as depicted below.

Certain skills such as Hensojutsu are essential to survival namely in hostage situations. Hensojutsu is the art of disguise and impersonation. Hensojutsu is not just putting on a costume, it involves a deep understanding of sociology. You must have knowledge of the particular social role you want to impersonate. Attackers from criminal organizations may kill or torture you if they suspect you are a potential threat. Applying Hensojutsu such as pretending to be a compliant citizen may save your life. Below is an excellent example of Hensojutsu from a documentary applied to the modern world.      

The essence of becoming invisible is not disturbing the course of nature but flowing with it. Blending in with your environment isn't just moving in silence. It's also leaving absolutely no trace behind.

* Practice Espionage - Another set of essential skills in Ninjutsu is intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence. In certain scenarios such as terrorist hijackings, espionage is a valuable skill set to have. You'll need to engage all of your senses and gather as much intelligence on your enemy as possible. You may also need to leak that intelligence to police officials for example. Counter-intelligence serves to sabotage a potential threat's attempt to spy on you such as an assassin.  

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