Ever since i was a child, i have always taken an interest in self defense. I've come up with many ideas for various scenarios and situations. I've witnessed and been involved in several violent encounters in my life thus inspiring me to start the everythingselfdefense blog. 

What is everythingselfdefense and how is it different from other self defense blogs? For starters, it strays away from credentials and more into the basics of self defense. It's my belief that many self defense schools have become too rigid and provide misinformation to it's students on how real life violence works. I don't want to give you false confidence by giving you what looks good on resume but is impractical in a real life situation. I just guide people to the right direction but i encourage everyone to find the answers to their own questions. I try to simulate real life violence (ex. linking videos) as much as possible so people can better understand how to defend themselves. The second thing that makes this blog different is that it's based more on principles than it is on techniques. It's my belief that no set of techniques will work in every situation because there's too many different variables. Principles, strategies, and concepts are what will effectively help people adapt to every dangerous situation. The last thing that makes this blog different is that it's open to new ideas in self defense. My goal is to prepare people for as many situations as possible in self defense. I place no restrictions on what people can learn because i believe there are no limits to what you can do in life. Ask me anything about self defense in the comments below regardless of how crazy it sounds and i will gladly do my best to answer your questions. If you disagree with me, please explain why i'm wrong and i'll be glad to modify my posts upon the evidence. 

I sincerely hope that everyone gains some insight and applicable principles from my blog everythingselfdefense.         


  1. Is it true that I can pay to take a course from you? This is all really good stuff. How come they don't teach this in school?

  2. Yes absolutely. I don't really know why but if i had to take a guess, it's because self defense has become too standardized. It's all based on techniques, certifications, traditions, stuff that hasn't actually been tested to see if it works. I think the other reason is that many self defense instructors only teach based on what's in the curriculum (the basics.) They don't teach you everything you need to know about self defense because either they weren't taught, it would take too long to learn, and they probably don't find it necessary.

  3. Hello, interesting blog, just found your site. While I haven’t gone thru all the material, if you HAD to pick one style of organized martial arts as the best to prepare someone for real self defense, which one would it be? Or, if there’s a substitute that will prepare me (aside from your blog) that isn’t a normal martial arts program, please let me know. Thank you & good luck.