Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Use of psychology in self defense

The use of human psychology is rarely discussed in self defense when it can prove very useful in any situation. We can apply tons of self defense techniques in Martial Arts, use of guns and other deadly weapons but few are aware that the human mind itself is a vulnerability as much as the human body is. The use of human psychology especially criminal psychology can greatly even the odds of survival.

What are the essential questions in order to effectively use psychology?

1) Motivation - It would be alot easier to use psychology against someone you know than a complete stranger. What are the motives of your attacker? Demanding on how they interact with you such as demanding for money with a gun pointed at your head, you can then assess the situation and create a plan.

2) Understanding triggers and flaws - Knowing your enemy is very important when applying psychology. What causes your enemy to cower? What makes him or her tick? Is your enemy under pressure? How can you avoid them? What vulnerabilities does he or she have?

3) Manipulation - How can you use what you already know about your enemy's psyche to get the reaction that you want? This can range from creating a distraction or causing an enemy to overreact and thus over or under commit to attacking/defending. There's many ways that you can manipulate people by an in-depth understanding of human behavior.

It is important to understand that while your life is in danger, not every attacker will harm you if he or she will not benefit. For example, threats are psychologically effective when they are credible and when they are conditional. If the victim knows he or she will be killed then the threat is ineffective. It is also dangerous for the person sending the threat as the victim will have nothing to lose and will likely physically retaliate as a means to survive on their own terms. A prudent robber keeps this in mind when he or she holds everyone hostage in a store or bank. This mentality can aid you especially when you have a strong willpower and understanding of how to break thinking patterns of the common criminal.

This is a very insightful video that will illustrate my point of view. The mindset is essential first and foremost when it comes to any violent encounter.

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