Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why compliance may get you killed in self defense

Why compliance may get you killed in self defense:

You've probably heard self defense instructors say "comply with everything an armed robber says and you'll survive, there's no need to fight..." but this is bad advice. You might survive or you might your throat cut or head shot anyways.

Logically, we would believe that compliance would ensure our safety if a criminal makes a demand but our ways of seeing the world differ from that of a criminal. Self defense instructors may neglect this and that's why it may cost you your life. Criminals are sick. They have little to no morals. They don't have a problem with killing you because your life means nothing to them. You have to evaluate what you value and what they value. What if they demanded you give them one of your loved ones? Would you comply to survive? An armed robber will not take any chances of you reporting to the police so they will likely kill you even if you comply. Criminals are out to fulfill all their sick fantasies - rape, murder, torture, theft, extortion, you name it. Would complying help you or others survive then?

The best way to deal with criminals is to think like them. If i decided i'm going to rob a bank, what measures would i take to prevent myself from getting caught? If i take someone hostage, how would i ensure that i can get away with a crime? By identifying the kind of criminal and motives you are dealing with, you are better prepared to make an assessment of the situation. Who are you dealing with? A gang? Armed robbers? The more you know, the better you will respond.

I've heard plenty of horror stories where victims of a violent crime ended up being killed despite doing everything that their attackers asked of them. My grandfather was stabbed by a gang member and was not even given a chance to comply. It only takes a split second for an armed robber to kill you.

What's the best course of action when someone threatens your life and makes demands? Deception. In my other post "use of psychology in self defense" (, i explain the importance of using criminal psychology in self defense. In general psychology, we tend to see patterns in human behavior especially criminals. Don't give the perception that your strong because then that arises suspicion and cautiousness. Give the perception that your weak. The armed robber has probably committed tons of robberies thinking that because he has a weapon, his victims are compliant thus letting his guard down. He will not expect you to be trained in self defense and that gives you the advantage. Compliance is the most critical time to respond and surprise attack your offender via weapon disarms, strikes, etc.

There's a great chance you will get killed but it's a gamble between life and death. Research has shown that resistance to a criminal's personal demands was effective (see link below.) The most important thing to remember is that compliance is a means of creating opportunities either to escape or fight for your life.

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