Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Building character in self defense

Just as it's important to build your skills in self defense, it's also important to build up character. Building integrity, honesty, compassion, humility, responsibility, patience, kindness, honor, and much more qualities. Building character is what's most important in self defense training.

Why is this important? Because sometimes, people misuse the skills they've learned in self defense or hand to hand combat to bully and intimidate others. Other times, self defense instructors have an arrogant approach to self defense and martial arts use in real combat. There are those who believe they are the only ones who are knowledgeable on self defense based on their credentials and if they can't solve a problem then no one can. It's hard to believe that those trained in self defense combat would misuse what they've learned but it does happen regardless. What is the way to combat this mentality? How do we stop people from misusing their skills in combat?

First, recognize that evil men no matter how trained will not be able to overcome a highly skilled fighter with strong character. Why? Bullies tend to target those weaker than them because they feel inadequate in themselves. Those who are truly confident and highly skilled recognize they don't need to prove themselves to anyone else. They don't need to compete against others. They only train to be better than they were in the past. They train to conquer their own demons, fears, and insecurities. Those who misuse their self defense training in arrogance cannot see their own faults and will ultimately stumble over them. A humble warrior recognizes his or her strengths, acknowledges his or her faults, and constantly grows with an open mind. A humble warrior who is truly skilled and knowledgeable accepts new ideas. An arrogant person can learn techniques, attacks, and other skills but cannot grow on the same level because he or she is blinded by the deception that his or her way is the only right one. Someone who is arrogant and believes only his or her approach to self defense is the only supreme one has a self limiting mindset. He or she will go no further into new heights of self awareness against someone with the humility to embrace endless possibilities.

Take a look at this video of an MMA fighter who harasses a girl in a store, not realizing that her associates see him from the outside and are angered by his actions. They get into a fight and it seems that the MMA fighter is winning until they bring weapons. He gets hit in the back of the head and gets hospitalized. What's the lesson here? Someone who is truly a skilled warrior seeks to influence others and build bridges for a better world. He or she makes friends not enemies and that is ultimately, one of the most powerful methods of self defense. Someone who demands respect from those around him/her and makes enemies eventually finds an enemy who defeats him or her. How do we stop people from misusing their own skills in combat? We don't. They will meet their own demise in their blind arrogance and evil actions.

While it's almost impossible to prevent someone with evil intent from misusing his or her training, you choose your own destiny. Will you choose the path to arrogance, impatience, intolerance, hate, anger, lack of integrity, and ultimately meet your own demise? Will you choose the path to humility, open-mindedness, patience, virtue, compassion, and honesty to attain new heights never achieved before? If you choose the path to righteous living, practice these virtues everywhere you go with everyone you meet. Only then will you build strong character in self defense and go beyond your own limits.

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