Monday, January 30, 2017

Is martial arts effective for self defense?

Is martial arts effective for self defense?

If you ask many if not most people what they think when they hear self defense, they'll say "well martial arts of course!" Martial arts is one of the first things people new to self defense want to learn. Nonetheless, it begs the question "is martial arts effective for self defense?"

Yes and no. Yes because it all depends on how you use it. If you use it well then it's effective. No because martial arts is not the end all be all of self defense. As i mentioned in my other posts (, there are several problems with assuming that martial arts means self defense. You cannot simply take a course on martial arts and then expect to defend yourself in every situation in the street. There are many different variables in self defense and violence on the streets such as psychology, fear, aggression, brutality, intimidation, weapons, ambushes, multiple attackers, criminal organizations, family, situational awareness, unresolved conflict, stress, strategy, tactics, the list goes on. For example, do you think you would be able to defend yourself against a group of armed gangsters who are far more aggressive and violent than your typical punks? What about an ambush involving guns? It's nearly impossible for you to learn how to deal with all of these variables in a dojo or local martial arts school. This video gives some good insights on martial arts.

Under what situations is martial arts effective? It depends on the martial arts you are practicing. Martial arts are used for various purposes contrary to popular belief. Can you distinguish martial arts used for sport from martial arts used for theatrical performances in Asian cultures and films? What about martial arts for health and fitness as opposed to self defense? Martial arts simply gives you the tools and knowledge needed for a particular purpose namely hand-to-hand combat. Martial arts as it is known today the total essence of combat.

Guru Dan Inosanto said "I think it's important to take the knowledge of the past and improve it." The ancients have made contributions to the knowledge for combat. It is now up to us to take the knowledge of the past and adapt it to the present so it can be applied effectively. Can you use your martial arts effectively against a gunman? A knifeman? Other martial arts styles? If not, how can you go beyond the limits of a particular system or style and find the answers needed in self defense? How can you apply the traditions of the past while making them work for the modern world?

Doesn't matter what martial arts you practice, it's how you can apply what you know effectively and wisely in modern combat. If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to my blog for updates, more advice, and exclusive content in the near future. I'm proud and excited to offer a FREE sample chapter of my E-book "Jeet Kune Do: How to build your own fighting system for self defense!" It's essentially a step-by-step guide on how to make your own self defense system suited to fit your own needs using Jeet Kune Do. If you would love to receive your FREE chapter of my e-book, click on the link below and share a post via. social media then it's yours for FREE! Be sure to also fill out the survey on the right and provide feedback on my blog. Leave questions, comments, and suggestions below.

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