Sunday, January 15, 2017

Self defense against an aggressive and violent attacker

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assume that because your trained in combat, you can easily deal with an aggressive and violent attacker. You should be more concerned with an aggressive and violent attacker than a trained one. Why? A violent and aggressive opponent is more committed to hurting you than the average person. The more violent and aggressive, the more dangerous. The problem with many self defense and martial arts schools is they train you to deal in a controlled environment. If your training to box with someone who is also disciplined in boxing then of course you will have time to respond both physically and mentally. Against an aggressive and violent person is a completely different story because his/her mentality and method of fighting is different. You don't know what he/she is capable of or just how brutal and violent he/she is. Against ferocious attacks at high speed, weapons, both physical and psychological pressure - you might find yourself knocked out or worse in spite of your training. This guide will help you deal with these types of attackers.

1) Defend yourself psychologically - If there's a build up of aggression and intimidation on behalf of your potential attacker, don't panic or get defensive. Remain calm and keep in mind that your potential attacker is acting out of fear or pain. Your attacker is just as human as you are. Focus on your breathing.

2) Learn how to defend against a barrage of attacks - One of the most common types of attacks is a flurry of punches and kicks in the streets. You must learn how to block effectively to shield yourself. You've probably seen martial arts films where the untrained fighter gets angry and starts delivering a barrage of attacks as the skilled martial artist calmly deflects or dodges each one. In real life, this would not work. As soon as you try to block one punch, you will get hit in the face or the ribs by another one. What's the best way to deal with these types of attacks? A good defensive measure. I personally like to use the pensador guard because it offers protection but also allows use your elbows to break your attacker's fists.

3) Intercept your attacker - If you move back, that gives your attacker a psychological advantage and you will likely get hit eventually. Ideally, you'll want to intercept your attacker and close the gap. If your attacker kicks, you deliver a stop kick and apply forward pressure (step in) as you knock him/her off balance. As you drive forward with the pensador guard, you control (grab) the elbows to stop your attacker from attacking and take him/her out (headbutts or other means of attack). You could also kick a charging attacker and move out of the line of attack (the direction of punches) before you attack from the side or other angles. The goal is to intercept the barrage of attacks and prevent your attacker from attacking period.  

As i mentioned earlier, it's a bad idea to come unprepared against an aggressive and violent attacker with improper training. I'm not saying it's wrong to train with someone who's a skilled sparring partner. This training is good to learn how to attack and defend properly but you'll need diversity in your sparring partners. You'll need to learn how to handle the stress and pressure of various kinds of attacks via. wild ferocious aggressive quick strikes. Practice with a sparring partner who spars dirty (groin strikes, headbutts, bites, improvised weapons, etc.) and breaks away from the typical disciplined manner of attacking. Get into the mind of an aggressive and violent attacker then you will understand his or her method of attack.

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