Friday, January 13, 2017

Why i hate the term "self defense expert"

If it's one thing i can't stand, it's the idea of experts in self defense or any field for that matter. It seems people want to be experts in something or consult experts when it comes to self defense. They want the best training in schools, the best teachers, the best equipment, etc. They believe that quality means paying big sums of cash to the experts who've been there and done that. Being an expert implies that you've seen it all, you've experienced it all, you've done it all, you've been through it all. That's boring. Why would i want to go to someone who's perfect over someone who's constantly learning and refining his/her skills?

You've probably heard people say when it comes to a difficult topic on self defense "oh your not an expert in the don't have the never went to school...i'm more qualified to talk about this subject than you are..." Here's the thing they're not telling you....they don't know what they're talking about either! Worse, i tend to find their so called "solutions" are what's going to get you hurt or killed in the streets.

Just think. These experts have been training for years in a school, getting his or her instructor certifications, attending workshops, touring and teaching, providing techniques, etc. as if their knowledge is somehow different from the next expert. The reality is there's nothing unique or revolutionary about their teaching. Their "expertise" is nothing more than just a repackaged set of ideas and training that's already been in existence for many years.

What makes me different? I don't want to be a self defense expert. I don't teach you anything, i simply guide you along the way. I don't hand you solutions, i encourage you to find your own and give tips. I don't claim to know it all but what i do know, i share with you. If i don't know much about a particular field, i direct you to someone who does. If you don't agree with what i teach then i encourage you to correct me and prove me wrong. I understand your struggles in self defense and that's why i struggle with you instead of pretending that i have the answer to every problem. This is what sets me and my blog apart from the rest who sell you the idea of a "self defense expert." If this blog inspired you in any way then i strongly encourage you to throw away this concept of a "self defense expert" and start being independent. Only then can you truly be proficient in self defense.

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