Thursday, January 19, 2017

Self defense against a grenade attack

While you probably think self defense against grenades is ridiculous or useless, explosives have been used by school shooters such as in the Columbine massacre. They had the knowledge and materials needed to make explosive devices. Let's say that you are in a situation and you get attacked by an active shooter or terrorists, how would you respond to a grenade landing near you? This guide will help you.

1) Recognize the threat - Keep a watchful eye on what goes on. Do you see someone carrying a grenade? Do you see suspicious activity? Keeping track of the suspicious people who walk in or around buildings will give you cues of a potential danger.

2) Attack and/or take cover - If by chance, you are at close range to an attacker who pulls out a grenade and is about to detonate it, attack. Trap the hand and take your enemy down. Do an immobilizing strike (strike to the throat, side of neck, temple, and other pressure points) if possible Secure the weapon as you prevent the pin from being pulled and carefully perform a disarm as you secure the arm. I don't recommend punching your attacker in case the grenade falls or the pin is removed as shown in this video because there's so little time. I do however recommend using your enemy as a shield. That being said, reposition your enemy over the grenade if possible and take cover.

If you are at a long distance and a grenade is thrown, sprint then take cover. If you can use a wall or another obstacle to shield you from the blast then do so. If not then your best bet is to get down and tuck your arms in as you close your legs with your feet pointing at the grenade. Why do this? Because even if you avoid the explosion, you can still die from the shrapnel and debris caused by it. By protecting all of your vital areas, you minimize that risk. You should also yell "grenade!" to warn those in the military or those who've been trained to respond to explosives.

3) Escape - Right after the grenade has detonated, you need to escape as quickly as you can to avoid the possibility of gunfire.

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