Saturday, February 4, 2017

Why dialing 911 will get you killed in self defense

Some people have the notion that they don't need to learn any martial art or steps to defend themselves. They think that calling the police is enough to stop a crime from happening. There are several problems with dialing 911 that will get you killed in self defense.

The first is the distance and time of an attack. Let's suppose you are on the street and someone out of nowhere attacks you within 5 feet. It's ridiculous to think you would have time to pull out your phone and dial 911. You would've dropped your phone or your attacker wouldn't have allowed you to commit to any action. The average time it takes for the police to arrive to your house is around 10 minutes (1). Do you realistically expect the cops to make it in time before you are about to get seriously hurt or killed? Think again.

The second is that under stress, you wouldn't be able to dial 911. You would probably freeze up and that would hinder you from dialing any number. Your phone might not even be working or worse, your phone conversation gives your exact location to your attacker.

The last and biggest problem with simply dialing 911 is that the police are under no obligation to legally protect you. The Supreme court has ruled this in the Warren vs. Distract of Columbia case. What about the "to serve and protect" phrase? Well that only applies to the state, not to you. This video explains more.

It is thus your own responsibility to defend yourself in a life or death situation. The purpose of dialing 911 is to address civil matters and conduct criminal investigations. Cops are there to enforce the law, not to be your own personal bodyguards. If you are to dial 911, you must address the most immediate threat first or have someone else call the police. Once you are out of danger, you can then dial 911 to handle a violent criminal.


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