Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Attacking matters more than self defense techniques

When you come across any self defense system, you'll want to ask yourself "am I going to be able to recall what I've learned in a real fight? " Unfortunately, many self defense schools teach ineffective techniques that won't work in an actual violent situation. Why do i say that? For the following reasons:

* Your attacker is unpredictable - Many times you will often see demonstrations of self defense instructors doing a certain technique such as a wrist lock or sequence of moves. The students comply because in their minds, the instructor knows best. The problem with this is that the attacker doesn't react. In the real world, you don't know your attacker. You don't know if he or she has a concealed weapon. You don't know if your attacker is trained. You don't know how your attacker will respond if you apply a certain technique if you can apply it at all.

* Combat is fluid and intense - In a violent situation, there's going to be alot of striking and movement at varying speeds. When your under high levels of stress, you won't be able recall complex motor skills. Worse, you might give your attacker an opportunity to land a hit. You might see martial arts demonstrations where the student playing the role of the attacker attempts to grab or choke the defender. This type of attack is rare so the training is unrealistic. In a real attack, your attacker will most likely do alot of striking and some unskilled grappling. As soon as someone is on top of you, your attacker's punches will land straight to your face and other areas before you can perform one technique. In combat, things happen so quickly that you won't be able to use any techniques. Just look at any compilation of attacks on the internet or in person as in this video for instance.

* Techniques promote a faulty mindset - By thinking of combat in terms of techniques, your movements become mechanical rather than natural. You will start to depend on techniques to get out of every situation. If you train to deal with a certain situation but did not train for a completely different scenario in the real world, chances are you will freeze. You won't know whether to do what technique and by the time you do, you would've already been hit.

If you were to ask me "what's the best way to deal with any violent situation?" My response is "attack! attack! attack!" It's easier to memorize only a few attacks than to spend more time learning different techniques for different scenarios. This is because you can end the threat much quicker if you strike than if you applied a sequence of movements or armlock. You might even move faster under an adrenaline rush than if you weren't. Picture the following scenarios and see how the principle of attacking would end a violent confrontation fast.

* Someone tries to grab your shirt with both hands while leaving his/her vulnerable areas exposed. Since your attacker is grabbing you, that leaves the body completely defenseless unless your attacker lets go. What's the solution? Knock him or her out with one hit to the head area.

* Someone puts you in a rear naked chokehold. What's the solution to escape? Strike the groin repeatedly, elbow strike the ribs, strike the face, kick the legs, etc.

* Someone grabs your arm. What's the solution? Knock him or her out by aiming for a specific target (jaw, under the chin, neck, throat, etc.)

Think of any scenario in your head and the principle should still be the same. It doesn't matter what your attacker does, if you can't remember anything else then at least remember to attack until the threat is over. Sure you can use a technique or two but it's not as important as training your quick reflexes, accuracy, power, timing, fluidity. By focusing on using a few solutions for many problems, you learn to end the threat more efficiently.

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