Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to use brass knuckles in self defense

In this blog post, i will teach you how to defend yourself with brass knuckles step by step. As i mentioned before in my blog post "self defense against brass knuckles" (, brass knuckles can shatter bone and damage soft tissues. A hit with brass knuckles and you could end up potentially killing someone. It is therefore crucial that you only use brass knuckles in a life or death situation.

1) Wear brass knuckles properly - Brass knuckles are a powerful tool to use against an attacker but you must wear them properly. Otherwise, you will end up injuring your hands and possibly breaking your own fist in the process. The correct way of wearing brass knuckles is depicted in this video. 

2) Protect your weapon hand - If you only have one pair of brass knuckles, you must protect that hand. I recommend changing your stance and putting your free hand in front of you. By attacking with the free hand as the lead and using it for trapping or defensively, you make it harder for your attacker to disarm you. If your attacker manages to somehow grab the arm controlling the weapon, you will be put in a difficult situation. Use your free hand as a distraction or a means of creating an opening and strike with the brass knuckles. If your good then you can land a hit with brass knuckles by all means. 

3) Attack the body's vital areas - When using brass knuckles, you must strike at the body's vital areas to use them effectively preferably bone. Striking the sternum or ribs could cause these bones to break, possibly causing organ damage and difficulty breathing. Striking the collarbone could make it difficult for your opponent to move his or her arms. Striking the jaw and underneath the chin will cause a knock out if enough force is applied. 

4) Use curved attacks - Since you don't want to injure your hands with the impact of the blows, i'd advise for you to use attacks from curved angles such as hook punches or uppercuts. Other than that, you apply the same principles and skills in hand to hand combat as if you were unarmed.  

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