Saturday, March 4, 2017

Can you learn martial arts from movies?

While many martial arts films are choreographed, a question that lingers in curious minds - can you learn martial arts for self defense from movies? My answer is it all depends on how you learn and how well you can distinguish fact from fiction. While many martial arts use choreographed moves, actors are still using real martial arts. That being said, not everything you see is complete fantasy. In fact, some of it is very practical in real life.     

In Bruce Lee's "fist of fury" during the fight scene with the Russian, Chen Zhen gets put in an armbar but bites hard on his leg to escape. This can be an effective means of escaping an armbar if you ever get in one. There's also other films such as the IP Man where Donnie Yen uses proper Wing Chun form and principles despite being exaggerated. If you are inspired by a certain martial art, body structure, a technique, or method of fighting in a martial art film then you can surely use it in self defense as long as it's realistic. While you obviously won't be doing these high flying flashy kicks, you can still glean useful insights in combat from watching martial arts films. One of the most important aspects of martial arts is creativity.  

In conclusion, you should ask yourself "how good am i distinguishing fact from fiction? How practical is this technique in real life?"

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