Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Self defense against an axe

If you read my previous post on "self defense against a baseball bat" ( then you should have a basic understanding of how to deal with someone attacking you with an axe. The same principles apply except be mindful that the most dangerous part is the bladed part of the axe. Here's several tips on how to disarm someone with an axe.

1) Keep your distance - If you stand too close to someone with an axe, you will get hit. If you stand too far away, you will eventually get hit. You must stand only a few inches away from the axe in order to strike quickly. Land kicks to create distance when appropriate.

2) Intercept your attacker and close the gap -  The best time to strike is before or after an attack. As soon as your attacker is about to swing the axe, close the distance between you and your attacker. Do not hesitate for a split second or you will get hit.

3) Control the weapon and disarm - Once you have closed in on your attacker, you can grab the wooden part of the axe with both hands and rotate it upwards or downwards then disarm. You can also use the axeman's momentum to carry him/her over to the ground. You can kick the side of the knee to disrupt the axeman's balance as you disarm. There's several ways you can disarm the axeman. Nick Drossos explains more in detail.

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