Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Do you need to work out for self defense?

When it comes to self defense, is physical fitness a requirement? Do you have to be physically fit in order to increase your odds of surviving a violent confrontation?

My answer is no you don't have to be fit for self defense for the following reasons.
1) Health and self defense are two different issues - Some self defense instructors argue that if your not serious about preserving your health, what's the point in learning self defense? Everyone has the right to self defense whether they are young or old, skinny or obese, healthy or physically ill. When you go to a self defense school, you are there to learn self defense. You are not there to work out at a gym or a sports competition. If you are extremely obese then it's your responsibility to care for your own health, not because you want to defend yourself. 
2) It's not necessarily useful - Physical fitness especially in the area of self defense is like HD T.V. Do you need it? No. Would it improve your overall viewing experience? It depends on your preferences. How will you use physical fitness to defend yourself? Do you plan on getting in fights where you'll need to rely on your cardio to survive? How will physical fitness help your attacking skills and overall performance? If it doesn't help you in combat, why work so hard to maintain that level of fitness? 
If you think physical fitness is a necessity for you in self defense then start working out. If you don't need it then don't bother working out.

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