Thursday, April 6, 2017

Self defense against Somali pirates

This interesting topic was requested by someone i know. Piracy has been a problem on the coast of Somalia for a long time. I will go through a basic self defense guide on how to deal with Somali pirates.

1) Escape or evade the threat - If possible, try to flee or escape as soon as you see the pirates in sight. The sooner you can get away, the better.

2) Comply - If you get captured, comply with the pirates. Give them everything they want. Nothing is worth more than your life. Don't give them a reason to shoot you. Don't provoke them to violence. In short, don't be a hero. Surprisingly, Somali pirates rarely kill innocent civilians so the chances of them killing you is very low as the video highlights.

3) Fight - If for some reason they plan on killing you anyway, it's time to fight. Use the surrounding environment to provide cover and concealment. Disarm one pirate if armed and use his or her own weapon. You must be quick and eliminate the threat quickly or you might not get a second chance to escape let alone live. If you want to learn more about how to deal with multiple armed attackers, read my post "self defense against multiple armed attackers" (

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