Friday, April 14, 2017

Why learn hand to hand combat for self defense?

It might be obvious that a big part of self defense is hand to hand combat. Nevertheless its important to understand why that is so. Is hand to hand combat required? No but I'll give you a few reasons why you should learn some bad hand to hand combat skills.

One of the reasons you should learn hand to hand combat is for the advantages it brings. You can knock someone out, keep attackers at bay, do weapons disarms, and alot more. You also have control over the degree of deadly force you use. You can't get that from weapons alone or a one size fits all approach. Deadly weapons only have a high degree of lethal force for killing your attackers. If you read my post "why relying on weapons will get you killed" ( then you understand why relying weapons alone for self defense isn't a smart idea. Even in situations where deadly weapons are involved, hand-to-hand combat will be useful in creating distance between you and your attacker as you use your own weapons.

As for the one size fits all approach, people tend to underestimate attackers who mean them harm. If you were to ask people what they'd do if they were attacked,some of the answers you'll get will be "well i'd just kick him in the balls..." Not denying the effectiveness of a groin strike but it's easier said than done. There's several variables that affect whether you are successful or not. Your attacker might be wearing a jock strap, move out of range, have a high pain tolerance, or be on drugs. How likely are you to land a groin strike in a chaotic situation with a moving attacker? Even if you land a groin strike but that's not enough to take him or her down, what will you do then?

Here's one very fine example where relying only on weapons did not work. A police officer approaches a man who is a former heavyweight boxer and the boxer decides to attack him. The officer uses pepper spray which fails then his gun. The officer fires and lands a direct hit but the boxer keeps fighting. The boxer disarms him and attempts to shoot him but the gun jams then uses it as a melee weapon. From what it seems like, the officer has no training in hand-to-hand combat which is a huge disadvantage in this situation. The only thing that saved the officer were his peers.

While you might not get attacked by a heavyweight boxer or be put in this situation, the point is your attacker is unpredictable. There's no one solution that's going to work for every situation as far as the physical aspects of combat go. If your weapons don't work or you get disarmed like in this situation, your in deep trouble. Hand to hand combat helps build confidence and understanding of what to do in case your first attack doesn't succeed.

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