Saturday, November 26, 2016

How to defend against a dog attack

How to defend against a dog attack:

Unfortunately, some owners irresponsibly let their aggressive and violent dogs on the loose to attack. Dog attacks can cause serious damage or infections and can turn fatal. Therefore you must be vigilant and learn how to defend yourself against a violent dog should it ever happen. There are many ways to fend off an attacking dog but several basic principles should be followed:

a) Distance

b) Control

c) Takedown

d) Immobilization

1. Know the signs of attack and act - A dog may approach growling and barking at you. The best thing to do is turn to the side and remain calm to show the dog you are not a threat. Stay still with your hands balled up in fists to keep it from biting your fingers but be careful not to get too close to the dog. Don't turn your back on it. Give the dog some treats or other objects as a distraction to get away quickly without running. Get to higher ground if your quick enough or inside a building. You can also assert your dominance by making yourself bigger than you are such as using an open umbrella.

2. If the dog attacks, defend yourself - Grab sticks and stones to use as weapons. If that's not an option then get into a fighting stance and keep your distance. Remember the vital areas of the dog such as it's sides, throat, back of the head, nose, eyes, ears, private areas, tail, slender bones in its front legs, or neck when it tries to bite you head on.

3. If the dog persists, control and takedown - Move to the side and grab it by the neck then put your whole body weight on the dog with your knees on it's body. Make sure the dog is on it's back. You may need to use your arm for the dog to bite onto before you quickly take it down. If you have a bat, use it as a biting stick before you take the dog down. The reason being is that if it lets go or tries to violently shake your limb apart, the damage would be less severe and advantageous for you if your on top of the dog.

4. Immobilize the dog - Using the bony part of your forearm, apply as much pressure as you can to the dog's windpipe for about a minute until the dog passes out. If the dog's bitten your arm then you can force it inwards to create a gag reflex rather than pulling out and tearing your flesh in the process. You can also forcefully rip its front arms apart or snap it's neck by turning it to it's side and violently twisting it's head around to the opposite side of it's body. You can gouge out it's eyes. You could also pick up the dog by it's hind legs and throw it into a pool or off a building to give you time to escape.

Important things to remember:

* If all else fails, get in a fetal position and protect yourself - Protect your throat, chest, face, neck, and other vital areas.

* Dogs have a high pain tolerance - You can't hurt a dog in the same way you would a normal human and expect to survive. Pain may anger the dog further so its best to incapacitate or discourage the dog from attacking.

* Never overcommit to an attack - Don't put all of your energy and overextend your body in one attack as the dog can move back then move in to attack. Use just enough force to divert the dog away from attacking you.

* Hold the dog's tongue as a defensive measure - The dog will not bite down for fear of biting off its own tongue if you have a firm grip on it.

* Apply certain self defense and martial art techniques when appropriate - Some techniques from wrestling, BJJ, and other combat systems would work well to choke a dog out.

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