Sunday, November 27, 2016

Master verbal self defense before anything else

Master verbal self defense before anything else:

A shocking fact as i was watching a documentary on the S.W.A.T is that most situations are often resolved without a single shot being fired. S.W.A.T has to judge whether or not a criminal is worth killing. In some cases, police have found that people who act out in violent behavior would not have done so if they were in a rational state of being. There are other cases where various factors influence criminal behavior such as drugs, emotional issues, etc. where violence is unnecessary.

Many self defense instructors teach the physical aspects of self defense but neglect the verbal and psychological aspects which are just as important. It takes more skill to subdue the enemy through verbal communication than violence. By mastering verbal self defense, you can do many things to prevent conflicts from escalating into violence such as diffusing a heated argument.

There was a great example of verbal self defense in which a passenger got off his bike and walked to a construction worker being verbally abusive (see link below.) He was trying to intimidate the construction worker. A few more construction workers came to his aid as the passenger began threatening and intimidating them. The construction workers simply stood there expressing no fear, anger, or any other emotion. The passenger eventually saw that he didn't get the reaction he wanted and began to feel that they were a threat thus backed away.

Words have power and can bring healing or destruction. Words are powerful and can be used to de-escalate a potential attacker without throwing a single punch. By learning how to verbally and psychologically deal with intimidation, manipulation, threats, blackmail, insults, etc. you learn to protect your self esteem. Physical self defense is secondary because verbal communication is where violence starts and stops. The reason why verbal self defense takes more skill is because it requires compassion, listening, empathy, humility, patience, self control, trust, and many other qualities which take a lifetime to build. People like to think in terms of how to respond to a straight punch or a side kick but are forgetting what goes on before the confrontation. Take a minute to assess the following scenario:

You spilled some coffee by accident on a man who's lost his job, his wife, and house. He's fed up with so much anger, pain, and resentment then decides to take it out on you by shouting verbal attacks along with taking up a fighting stance.

You could respond by resorting to violence in self defense or you could peer behind the obstacles (insults, shouting, aggression, etc.) and make an empathetic connection to his vulnerable emotions in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Often times people will put on a mask and project a frightening image when in reality, its a defense mechanism to hide their most vulnerable emotions. Animals often intimidate each other but its for survival. The message they are sending is "back away, don't hurt me.." By listening without judgement, you will gain a better understanding about what the other person is trying to communicate from within. From there, you are able to hopefully help the person face their inner conflicts diffuse the situation and thus prevent physical conflict.      

Unfortunately you can't prevent every physical conflict but imagine the number of violent attacks that would disappear if only people communicated with each other. Understanding people and their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, feelings, etc. will help build a better world of compassion.

What are your thoughts? What are ways to diffuse a potential attacker with your words and body language? How can you show compassion and use your energy to calm rather than provoke someone to anger thus creating the potential for violence? What are ways to respond against verbal attacks while connecting with a potential attacker's inner emotions? If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to my blog for updates, more advice, and exclusive content in the near future. I'm proud and excited to offer a FREE sample chapter of my E-book "Jeet Kune Do: How to build your own fighting system for self defense!" It's essentially a step-by-step guide on how to make your own self defense system suited to fit your own needs using Jeet Kune Do. If you would love to receive your FREE chapter of my e-book, click on the link below and share a post via. social media then it's yours for FREE! Be sure to also fill out the survey on the right and provide feedback on my blog. Leave questions, comments, and suggestions below.

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