Monday, November 28, 2016

Defense against a pain resistant attacker

Defense against a pain resistant attacker:

While its very unlikely that you will fight a pain resistant attacker, it's perfectly possible for a person to be immune to pain. There are some people born with a rare condition that turns off pain receptors (see link below). There also those who use drugs, alcohol, rage, and other factors to numb pain for violence.

If you find yourself in a self defense situation where you realize your attacker isn't at all affected by your painful strikes, simply change your strategy of attack quickly. Focus on incapacitating your pain resistant attacker with your attacks such as breaking a pain resistant attacker's joints, damaging vital organs, stopping oxygen flow, etc. Techniques such as Dim Mak "touch of death" may prove useful.

An attacker unaffected by pain cannot attack you with broken bones, insufficient oxygen, poor blood flow, and other injuries to their vital organs. What techniques could you use to render a pain resistant attacker useless? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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