Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to defend yourself in prison

Let's say you've gotten framed for a crime you didn't commit and are now into one of the absolute worst situations of your life - imprisonment. Many innocent people are imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. This is a harsh reality caused by a corrupt political and judicial system. If you've done everything you could in the court of law to prove your innocence, failed, and are now facing a prison sentence then don't give up hope. Self defense can work even in prison and it has been done before. This guide will you give you the principles in surviving attacks in prison.

* Psychological defenses - To be successful in self defense especially behind bars, you must be psychologically prepared. Prisons were designed to break down your will. They were designed to make you feel hopeless and vulnerable but this is all in your head. You control how you respond to the environment. Prison walls and people cannot make you despair unless your mind allows it. Don't let the prison walls and other inmates intimidate you. How do you accomplish this? Change the way you view yourself and prison walls. Stop thinking of prison walls and confined spaces as barriers that limit the ability to defend yourself. Think of them as improvised weapons to use in self defense. Don't be intimidated by the size of other inmates. Just because they are muscular, doesn't mean they know how to skillfully use strength. Show no emotion such as fear, anger, happiness, pain, sorrow, and so on as prisoners can exploit your weaknesses. Meditation, deep breathing exercises, and positivity will keep you from having a breakdown.

* Learn the inmate code of conduct - In order to survive, you must learn how to interact with prisoners and guards. The golden rule still applies even in prison. Treat others how you want to be treated. Don't stare or smile at anyone as it could be interpreted as a sign of aggression. Don't stare at anyone's cell as inmates could think you are plotting to steal. Stand up for yourself and defend your own race. Failure to do so could result in other inmates beating you since those are dishonorable acts. Do your time quietly and don't reveal anything about yourself to anyone as it could be used against you. By learning how prisoners work, you can avoid many potentially dangerous situations.

* Be aware at all times and adapt - Unlike the streets where you can anticipate attackers, prison inmates are very smart and that's what makes them deadly. They use various strategies to attack such as ganging up on you, ambushes, distractions, etc. They may often start riots just so they can attempt to hurt or kill you. Learn the warning signs of a potential threat and never get close to strangers. Keep as many inmates in your vision as possible. Look for warning signs of a potential attack. Be aware of cameras and prison guards. Keep your guard up at all times.

* Learn how to fight in confined areas - Use walls and confined spaces to your advantage. You could slam or push inmates into walls, bars, fences, tables, concrete, etc. Walls can also be used for protection and a better position to defend against attacks from behind. If you know a martial art or combat system specializing in close quarters fighting such as Wing Chun then you'd be in an ideal environment to use it. Learn how to control space and trap your opponents. If you close the distance and use the walls to prevent your attackers from using kicks or punches, that works well in your favor.

* Train hard - When your locked inside a cell, be productive. Do lots of push ups, solo sparring, hand conditioning by striking hard surfaces, crunches, sit ups, pull ups, martial arts or boxing training, and more exercises. You'll want your reflexes and body to perform at it's uttermost potential.

* Learn how to use weapons and defend against them - Prisoners are extremely skilled in using and making improvised weapons such as shanks, blunt weapons, even guns. In some cases, use of weapons is necessary for survival. You should also know how to defend against them. If you for example come across a prisoner trying to stab you with a shank, disarm him/her (see to learn how.) Be cautious of the leveraging arm. Inmates may try to grab your shirt with one hand and use the other to stab you. A more dangerous position to be in is pushed up against the wall as inmates stab you. If an inmate is using both hands against you, learn how to control the one closest to you and get to a better position to break the arm or trip him/her.

* Learn how to work around prison rules - Sometimes, you must adapt to the prison rules for your survival. How dangerous of a situation are you in against other inmates after you? If it's too threatening, do something that will get you put in solitary confinement for example such as seriously injuring another inmate bent on killing you. Once in solitary confinement, you are in worse conditions but at least your temporarily safe from other inmates.

These are the basics of self defense in prison. Here are some additional tips to help you.

* Don't join any prison gangs - Resist the urge to turn to prison gangs for protection. Once your initiated, your in for life. Any attempt to desert or disobey orders could result in your death or the deaths of your loved ones.

* Build a reputation for yourself - In order to survive, you must send a powerful message to other inmates be it to inspire fear or respect. Ensure that your actions and verbal or nonverbal communication are consistent at all times. How people perceive you will determine the chances you have of survival.

Practice fighting in confined spaces with a partner and use of weapons in sparring.

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