Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to fight against a faster opponent

Many people talk about fighting a stronger opponent but sometimes, a faster opponent is more dangerous. Here's a few tips on how to defeat an opponent who relies on speed in self defense.

* Look for weaknesses - Just because your attacker is fast, doesn't mean he/she knows how to use speed in a street fight. Speed must be developed but there might be some areas where the attacker has not trained sufficiently. In what ways is the attacker slower? Kicking? Footwork? Controlling distance? Striking? Look for specific weak spots and once you find them, take advantage of them by striking there.

* Keep at a close distance - If you move too far back, you create space for your attacker to strike quickly. If you stay too close, you will get hit. Therefore the best position to be in is close enough to where you can quickly move in. Forget about blocking or dodging because you will get hit since your attacker's faster. It only takes a few inches for you to escape the attacker's striking range so distance is key. All you have to do is move out of the direction of the attacker's fast strikes and into your own range as you launch a counter-attack.

* Control the elbows - One of the best strategies to counter a fast striker is grappling. Wrestling, BJJ, Judo, or any other grappling art would be useful in these types of situations. As soon as the faster attacker finished his/her attacks, move in quickly and grab hold of the elbows to neutralize his/her attacks then slam or throw him/her on the ground. There's a good chance that you will get hit but focus on rendering speed useless by bringing the faster person to the ground. Remember to not go to the ground with him/her as it's more dangerous for you. Stay in a standing position as you finish the fight with kicks, stomps, etc.

* Make your escape - Don't think that once your attacker's on the ground you have to necessarily end the fight. Is there an opportunity to escape? Take it. It's not worth risking your life by staying longer in the fight.

Practice these principles with a partner who's faster than you.
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