Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to defend against a sniper

How to defend against a sniper:

There have been several cases of ex-snipers or Marines who have committed homicides. You will probably get killed by a sniper especially a skilled one. Hopefully you will be able to survive with these tips. If you are the only one under attack by a sniper then your safest bet is to escape and get help. Trying to take out the sniper yourself especially when you have no gun is going on a suicide mission. Before we begin, remember to keep in mind the following factors that influence a sniper's killshot:

* Patience

* Accuracy

* Environment

* Stealth

* Focus

* Timing

* Cover and concealment

1) Avoid a sniper in the first place - If by some small chance you hear on the news that a sniper has killed some people in your area then avoid going there. There's not much that can be done when an unexpected sniper shoots you from afar so be observant to potential danger.

2) Learn to spot a sniper - Snipers are very good at hiding so the more you know about a sniper, the better. Signs of a sniper includes camouflage, lasers pointed at you, light reflected from the sniper's scope, seeing the rifle, and so on. The sooner you can identify the sniper before a shot is fired, the quicker you can react.

3) When a shot's fired, drop down and find cover - You will often see a sniper bullet before you hear it so as soon as you sense a sniper, get down low and find cover. The most common and fatal mistake is standing or crouching out in an open field. You will be an easy target for the sniper. Your instinct should be to get down as low as you can to make yourself harder to hit then quickly move into cover or concealment. Be sure that it doesn't give away your location via shadows, reflections, etc. It's very important that you distinguish between cover and concealment especially when facing a sniper. Depending on the sniper rifle, it can generate enough power to go through brick walls and hit you. Call 911 as quickly as possible.

4) Locate the sniper - Once the sniper has fired, you must find out where the shots are coming from. The trajectory of the bullet, the sound, the objects or people hit, supersonic shockwaves will give clues to the sniper's position. Keep track of as much information as you can to asses where the sniper could potentially be. You may need to get the sniper to continually fire so he could reveal more about his position. Be mindful of multiple snipers and their transitions in firing which is critical to your escape.

5) Locate the safest escape route - Once you've located the sniper, find the escape route closest to you. Make sure that it provides obstacles useful for cover and concealment. The most important thing to remember is to get out of the sniper's field of vision and range of fire.

5) Divert the sniper's attention - A sniper especially when using a scope is susceptible to all sorts of distractions. A smoke grenade or smoke bomb could conceal your movements as you make your escape. Explosives, glass, mirror reflections, gas, oil, dirt, and other objects can serve to blind or divert the sniper's attention allowing you time to escape.

6) Run in unpredictable patterns - Running in a straight line will most surely make you an easier target to kill. Moving in an unpredictable motion at different speeds and angles will make you a harder target to hit.

Additional tips to remember:

* The longer the sniper stays trying to find you, the more fatigue it causes the eyes. This is important in creating opportunities of escape.

* Use the environment to your advantage - Wind gusts can significantly divert the bullet's path away from hitting you so be mindful of changes to the environment.

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