Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to fight multiple opponents

How to fight multiple opponents: 

Fighting multiple opponents is a very dangerous situation as your attackers may have weapons and various skills aside from a numbers disadvantage. Hopefully this guide will help in dealing with multiple attackers.

1) Try to diffuse the situation - Are you given the option to leave? Best well take it. Talking your way out should be your 1st option or avoidance. If they are clearly out to hurt you then proceed to the next step.

2) Move strategically - Never let multiple attackers surround you. Once surrounded, you will be overwhelmed. Instead, move around your attackers in circles. The goal is to get at least 2 attackers or more depending on their numbers lined up while attacking the one closest to you.

3) Fight quickly and efficiently - Don't spend too much time spending too much energy on one opponent that you become too exhausted to fight the others. It's therefore crucial that you change your attack strategy. Focus on incapacitating your attackers and taking them out with one hit. Break their arms, knees, knock them off balance, and other techniques such as Dim Mak would work well. Joint locks, Muay Thai clinches, other submissions would not work well as your opponent could be armed or break the hold, making you vulnerable. Instead, grapple one opponent and use him as a shield as you push him/her against the others or into a brick wall.

4) Prioritize - Is there someone who's armed or more skilled than the rest? Take that person out first. If you can disarm or knock that person out, you can hopefully discourage the others and maybe get a knife in self defense. The important thing is to prioritize which attackers to take out first, second, and last.

5) Use Psychological attacks - Getting to your opponents heads is critical in surviving against multiple attackers. Is there a leader? Take him out 1st. The leader is usually the one taking the initiative to attack. Once the leader is down, that will discourage and break the morale of the rest. Be ruthless. The more visible the damages you create, the more your attackers will be discouraged. The sight of an arm break will likely send a powerful message that may scare off your attackers. Are there psychologically weaker guys? They usually are reluctant to attack unless the more dominant attackers are bringing you down. Perhaps you could firmly exclaim "i'm going to get you!" as you fight your way through in an attempt to scare them off.

6) Escape - If you are able to, escape. You don't have to keep fighting until everyone is down. The longer the fight goes on, the greater chances of injury or death.

Some more important tips:

* Pay attention to allies - If you have friends who know how to fight or are armed then you ought to use them to your advantage. Be sure that you protect them at all costs.

* Use of weapons - Don't hesitate to use any weapons at your disposal such as knives, guns, sticks, pipes, glass, sand, dirt, cars, walls, doors, rocks, bikes, and other deadly objects. Weapons will be a great equalizer to deal with multiple opponents and may scare them off. If you disarm someone, pick up the weapon as soon as possible and start using it. Don't let it fall into another attacker's hands.

* Use of the environment - Use your environment to your advantage. Trees, cars, walls, doors, pools, and other areas can be used as obstacles to separate attackers from you.

* Be wary of who your fighting - A group of hooligans will behave much differently from a well organized gang. A street gang will be far more dangerous, aggressive, and violent than a bunch of punks who want to feel powerful by beating those weaker than they are. Even if you survive a gang attack, they may put a price on your head.

* Training tip - Practice with a group of friends in unscripted sparring sessions and different scenarios. Learn what realistic combat looks like. Every group of multiple attackers are distinct. Some may ambush you. Some may try to sneak up from behind. Some may come at you all at once or some may move strategically. You will have to learn how to adapt to each kind of attack by keeping basic principles in mind - fighting one at a time by strategic movement, finishing each opponent quickly, prioritizing, etc.  Practice good, quick, and mobile footwork in coordination with your attacks/blocks.

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