Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to use the environment as a weapon

While using various melee weapons such as your fists or knives in self defense are good, the use of the environment will greatly improve your skills as a fighter. The reason why the military and other great war strategists were so successful was because they realized the importance of using the environment to their advantage. Here are several key principles you should know to become a better warrior whether facing one opponent or multiple opponents.

* Don't restrict yourself to close quarters combat - Don't assume that you always have to fight your opponent face to face. You can fight from a distance with various tools and weapons from many different positions. It is not an act of cowardice, only resourcefulness. 

* Use improvised weapons - Are there cars nearby? Use them as obstacles. Slam or push your opponent into them. Do you have a ball point pen? Stab your opponent in vital areas with it. Is there a window nearby? Break it and use the broken glass to stab your opponent. Bright lights? Flash them in your opponent's eyes as a distraction. Are you in a confined area? Push your opponent into the walls and restrict his/her movements. When faced with projectiles, you could find cover or concealment. There's many different ways you can use weapons to improve your chances of survival. Learn to see everything around you as a weapon. 

* Camouflage - Soldiers and snipers are skilled in blending in with the environment to ambush their enemies. You can also use it applying your knowledge of nature to strategically defeat say a group of armed attackers. Blend in with your surroundings until you become virtually invisible. 

Confuse your enemies - Attack at unpredictable patterns from various positions and conceal yourself in fog, water, buildings, trees, etc. Don't be confined to one predictable method of attack as the enemy can quickly figure you out. The more you stress and frustrate your enemies, the more chances you have of throwing them off guard.  

* Use traps - There's many ways you can use booby traps or other means of defeating your enemies such as luring them into dangerous animals or into hidden explosives. Drawing them out in the open, ambushing, and bating them are just some ways you could attack your enemy. 

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