Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to defend against a taser

Tasers could potentially immobilize you completely and put you at the mercy of your attacker. Here are a few tips to avoid getting tased in self defense.

1) Identify the type of taser and disarm - Is the taser designed for close range or long range? If close range, treat it as you would a knife and avoid getting shocked (see Knock your opponent off balance before you disarm. If long range, treat it similar to a gun (see The only difference is that a long range tasers is less deadly. Use other obstacles, objects, or even thick layers of clothing to shield yourself from the probes of a long range taser.

2) If tased, fight through the electrical currents and disarm - The reason why close range tasers are no longer used by police is because many criminals still managed to attack despite the pain. Tasers that rely on pain compliance rather than immobilization of the muscles and other vital components of the body will not take down a relentless criminal. Don't believe me? Here's one example. In this video, a man at McDonald's gets tased several times and still manages to flee. You can do your own research and see for yourself. With proper pain tolerance, you could still disarm your attacker. Because of this, a more advanced taser was made. This model could immobilize someone from a distance by firing probes and activating upon contact. This model however still has it's flaws.

There is a video of a man who managed to resist the taser and remove the probes off his body. The key? Willpower and intense concentration. If you could focus on getting the probes off of you, the taser is briefly rendered ineffective and gives you the opportunity to close the distance as you take your attacker down or escape.

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