Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to fight bigger, stronger, and tougher opponents

Coming across a person who's much stronger and bigger than you can be a scary experience but with the right principles, you can learn how to defend yourself against attacker regardless of size. Here are several strategies you can use against a huge attacker. Remember to use quickness to your advantage.

* Psychological defenses - The larger attacker may try to psychologically attack you by making himself look invincible and intimidating. Just think - if he was so powerful, why is he picking a fight with someone smaller than him? It's because he isn't that powerful. People who are truly confident in their abilities would not be looking for someone weaker than them. A stronger opponent can taunt you and make you feel vulnerable but always remember that he's just as vulnerable as you are. Don't let his size fool you. Be a predator.

* Never underestimate your attacker - Just because he's large and your faster, doesn't mean you can underestimate him. You don't know anything about him. You don't know how smart he is, whether or not he's a felon, if he's armed, knows how to wrestle or grapple, etc. He's not some meathead you can afford to play around with. Strength can be equally as dangerous as speed especially if you fail to acknowledge it.

* Strike first - One of the best strategies is to take the initiative and strike first. Learn how pressure points work and how you can use them to your advantage. This video is a perfect example of how a smaller guy knocked out a larger opponent. If you catch your large attacker off guard, you can end him in one punch. Even if he's dazed, that would be an ideal opportunity to make your escape.

* Keep your distance - Ensure that you are not within the large attacker's punching or kicking range. You never want to take it to the ground with a larger attacker unless your a good BJJ fighter. A larger person has longer limbs than a shorter person. Use your low kicks to keep the distance. Evade the larger attacker if needed. Get him exhausted before you launch an attack of your own.

* Strike at vulnerable areas - You can hit your attacker in the groin, eyes, sides of knees, throat, or the fleshy part on the outsides of their upper legs. By kicking on the sides of this part of their legs, you could destroy his ability to walk properly.

* Use his own force against him - The saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" rings true especially in these situations. If your good at martial arts or any combat system, you could deflect his attacks. Alternatively, you could simply evade his attacks as you kick or sweep him off balance. 

* Escape - Is there an opportunity to escape? Take it. Do not think that you should stand and fight. You'll probably be able to run faster than him so take advantage of any opportunity you can take.

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