Saturday, December 17, 2016

Learn martial arts from watching animals

It's often been said in legend that martial artists developed their own styles from observing animals and rightfully so. Pay attention to different styles and you will notice the symbolic resemblance to a specific animal such as the tiger, praying mantis, snake, bear, White Crane, the list goes on. Why should you learn from wild animals? Because animals are the best martial artists. They have used violence well for survival and competition. Animals have many essential attributes for a skilled fighter such as speed, strength, power, deception, etc. By paying close attention to animal behavior and how they handle violent situations, you can integrate that into your self defense based trained.

Take a look at the above picture. The wolf is biting on the bottom wolf's muzzle which prevents the bottom wolf from biting. What's the idea behind this? Disable your attacker so he/she can't attack. I've seen many cats on youtube facing dogs much larger than they are and the dogs almost always end up winning. Why is that? The cats are more aggressive aside from agile and strike at the dog's vital areas. What's the lesson? It's not always the biggest who wins a fight, it's the one who takes the initiative and strikes first. I've seen cats get in a grappling fights and get in a better position to prevent from being struck while striking at vital areas. Some animals like peacocks win on intimidation and deception alone. There's many ideas and movements that you can apply from studying nature.

I hope that this post gave you some insights into how to improve your training.

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