Friday, December 9, 2016

Question your self defense instructor

If you question what your self defense instructor is teaching, it does not make you a bad student. On the contrary, it makes you an excellent student because you are thinking critically. It's true that having no techniques in self defense can get you killed but having the wrong set of techniques can also get you killed. Self defense instructors can be misguided. Even the content i write could also be misguided. How would you figure it out?

There are consequences of accepting everything your self defense instructor says on the basis that he/she is a certified teacher. I was reading on Reddit a story of a Muay Thai student who was assaulted by two men and did a clinch on one of them. Too late did he realize that the attacker had a knife and stabbed him twice. Outraged, he went to his teacher and blamed him for not warning him that the clinch was impractical in a street fight. His teacher told him he wasn't supposed to until after the fact it happened. As a result, the Muay Thai student lost one of his lungs and could never practice martial arts or any self defense again.

Self defense is a science. It involves testing and principles. Credentials don't mean much especially when the instructor has been teaching impractical techniques that don't simulate real life combat. Regardless of what martial art or combat system you practice whether it's Krav Maga, Mauy Thai, Karate, Wing Chun, or Silat; you should ultimately ask yourself - Is what i'm learning realistic and effective? What are the pitfalls? How can i properly test the techniques on a sparring partner whos not cooperative and get the same results? Is there a more effective way to get the job done? By thinking critically and gaining wisdom, you won't be able to fooled so easily. In conclusion, i hope that you take the time to search for the truth and remember...don't take everything i write at face value because you never know if i'm mistaken.

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