Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't wait for an opportunity to attack, create one

You've probably seen many fighters in Hollywood and street fights dance around trying to find the right moment to attack. In fact, one video of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and a Jeet Kune Do fighter show the two simply standing there for almost the whole duration. This is one of the biggest Amateur mistakes you could make.

It looks good on camera in movies and in sports but it's not practical. If you want to become a better fighter especially in the field of self defense, learn to create opportunities to strike. An attacker cannot attack without leaving him or herself exposed to some degree. Just look at the above pic as an example. The aggressor is closing the distance to the guy in a defensive position backed against the wall. Where can the defender strike at the aggressor? How can the defender turn the situation around in his favor? 

Creating opportunities of attack through distractions, controlling distance, deflections, deception, and other ways as opposed to just looking for openings is where the real skill lies. You can dance around looking for an opportunity to attack from a safe distance but you also give that luxury to your opponent. Use the element of surprise and putting the pressure on your opponent are also crucial. Don't give your opponent the luxury of time to figure you out or a safe distance. Learn how to impose your will on your attackers with confidence. 

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