Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Self defense against a baseball bat

Baseball bats can cause serious damage when used as a blunt weapon. The force of the impact can break bone and cause other injuries especially if delivered to the head. Loss of consciousness or even death can occur. This is why it's important to understand how to defend yourself against an attacker wielding a baseball bat for a weapon:

1) Stay close to your attacker - Keep at a close distance just enough to where the bat can barely reach you. Don't move too far back or you will likely get hit. 

2) Use a weapon - Get an improvised weapon such as a chair, a stick, anything that you can use to deflect strikes or deliver strikes to your attacker. 

3) Move in and control the weapon - Timing is critical in these situations. The best time to close the gap is before or after an attack is made. Once you move in whether it's through a takedown or by other means, control the weapon. Alternatively, you could also control the arms holding the weapon. 

4) Disarm - There's several ways you can disarm an attacker. You could use his own momentum against him by controlling his head and throwing him. You could use the bat as leverage and force it out of his grip. You could use a Judo throw. The overall aim is to disarm your attacker. 

Additional tips: 

* Don't try to block the bat with your arm - Some self defense instructors teach you should try to block the weapon with some part of your arm. This is a bad idea as the bat could break bone and damage tissue. 

* Avoid the tip of the weapon - The most dangerous part of the bat is the tip. Once the bat has passed the centerline, it becomes safer to intercept your attacker.

* Don't hesitate - The only safe zones are outside of striking range or inside the grappling range. If your stuck anywhere between those two ranges, you will get hit. Keep in mind that your attacker can change the direction of the bat. Do not hesitate to close the gap between you and your attacker when the opportunity presents itself. 

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