Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Self defense against a Machete

If you've read my post on "how to defend yourself against a swordsman" ( then you should have an idea of how to takedown someone armed with a Machete. Here are several tips on how to disarm an attacker wielding a Machete following certain principles.

1) Use a weapon - Use whatever improvised weapon you have at your disposal as an equalizer to the Machete. The aim is to either deflect or deliver vicious attacks of your own.

2) Keep at a close distance - Like a sword, you must stay within a reasonable distance in order to rush in for a disarm. Remember that the goal of staying at a close distance from the blade is to intercept your attacker before he/she makes a strike. If you keep backing up and don't move in, you increase the chances of getting hit. This is a near perfect example of how defense against a Machete ought to be done. The man being attacked keeps at a close distance not straying too far away as he uses a chair to deflect the strikes before he performs a double leg takedown:

2) Close in and control the attacking arm - Once you have the opportunity, rush into your attacker and control the arm wielding the Machete by grabbing it. From there, you could headbutt or elbow strike and do whatever attack you want as a distraction. It's more risky if you try to move to the outside of the opponent's attacking arm as you will likely get hit due to the quickness of the weapon. Your best bet is to get into the attacker's inside first before you move to the outside. Quickly get in a position where you can control the elbow and wrist at once.

3) Disarm - To disarm, you could break the arm or knock your attacker off balance. Whether you do a Judo throw or a kick to the back of the knee and a joint lock, the goal is to ensure that your attacker cannot use the Machete against you. One of the best ways to do this is by knocking your attacker off balance as you force the Machete out of his/her hands.

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