Sunday, December 25, 2016

Self defense against brass knuckles

Brass knuckles can be a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. One hit could mean death. Therefore if you want to defend yourself against an assailant wielding brass knuckles, you must abide by several principles.

1) Strike first - Don't wait until you see your attacker reaches into his/her pocket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Soon as you see someone threatening you and reaching into his or her pockets, close the gap then bring your attacker to the ground.

2) Avoid getting hit with the brass knuckles - Brass knuckles could severely injure vital organs and break bone. Treat it as you would a knife ( Block and redirect the incoming hits but make sure that your arms do not make direct contact with the weapon.

3) Control the arm and elbow - Grab hold of the wrist or elbow and then trap the entire arm. From there, you can trip your attacker or deliver a stomp kick to the side of one knee or in the back of knee.

4) Disarm - Once you've gotten control of the arm, you can break it by applying force on the elbow joint. Alternatively, you could put your attacker in a wrist lock as you force the brass knuckles out of his/her fingers. You could land a few strikes and make your escape.

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