Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to end street fights FAST

If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone urges you to engage in a street fight, there are several things you need to do in order to defend yourself. Why is it important for you to end street fights as fast as possible? Because your attacker might have a weapon or friends waiting for an ambush. You don't know how skilled or violent your attacker might be. Doesn't matter how much martial arts or self defense you know, there's also a strong possibility that you might get seriously injured or killed by an untrained fighter. Here is my guide to ending street fights fast assuming that your enemy is facing you.

1) Diffuse and avoid the situation - Many street fights begin with verbal arguments or attacks. You need to understand how to diffuse the situation from getting more violent. Don't provoke your enemy with threatening and taunting language. Remain calm and be respectful. If you can, leave the situation immediately.

2) Keep your distance - The dangers of being too close to an attacker is the risk of getting headbutted in the face or hit with a hook punch outside of your peripheral vision. You need to be able to see your attacker's body in front of you and be aware of others around you. Controlling the distance is important because you have to assume he could pull out a weapon any moment.

3) Strike first and without warning - I've noticed many martial arts schools and self defense instructors whether on social media, on the internet, or in schools teach you to get in your fighting stance if a street fight breaks then go into techniques or attacks. What are they missing? The element of surprise. Getting your opponent's guard down with distractions and body language. If you are near your opponent to land a surprise attack, why would you sacrifice that opportunity to get in a fighting stance as you move back? The longer you take to finish your opponent, the more dangerous it is for you. In order to end street fights fast, you need to change your mindset. It's not a sparring match or a sports fight. It's a matter of life and death.

How do you end street fights fast? Deception and using the element of surprise. Learn how to read your opponent's body language and get in a non-threatening posture. You will want to let your attacker know that you are not a threat but also put your hands up to defend yourself and reposition your legs to get into a fighting stance. This video gives a good illustration. As soon as you catch your attacker telegraphing his or her attack, you evade or block then BOOM! You land a direct hit.

4) Hit vital areas - Don't just blindly hit your attacker, make the 1st hit count and the 2nd hit count in case the 1st hit fails. If you hit someone hard enough in the jaw, temples, or sides of the neck then that's a guaranteed knock out. It doesn't matter how fast you are or how powerful you are in this situation. It's about how accurate your hits land on your opponent. Timing, accuracy, and proper response are critical to ending a street fight as fast as possible. Personally, i recommend hitting the side of the neck with a chop to knock out your opponent. This is safer than punching the jaw and risk breaking your hand in the process. If your opponent is dazed and still doesn't go down, you hit him or her again in a vital area to knock him or her out.

5) Have a back up plan - If you fail to end a street fight as quickly as possible with the first two hits then you need a back up plan. Kick your opponent in the sides of the knees and knock him or her off balance. The quicker you can end a fight either by knocking your enemy off balance, a knock out, or devastating blows to vital areas - the faster you can escape to safety.

In conclusion, this is a perfect demonstration of how to end a street fight fast. In this situation, an aggressive man approaches a street vendor looking for a fight. The street vendor is calm and keeps his distance not giving any intentions of fighting. The man throws a wild punch, the vendor moves back, closes the distance, and lands a knock out punch.If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to my blog for updates, more advice, and exclusive content in the near future. I'm proud and excited to offer a FREE sample chapter of my E-book "Jeet Kune Do: How to build your own fighting system for self defense!" It's essentially a step-by-step guide on how to make your own self defense system suited to fit your own needs using Jeet Kune Do. If you would love to receive your FREE chapter of my e-book, click on the link below and share a post via. social media then it's yours for FREE! Be sure to also fill out the survey on the right and provide feedback on my blog. Leave questions, comments, and suggestions below.

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