Thursday, January 5, 2017

Do you need to learn martial arts for self defense?

Many people who are interested in learning about self defense, end up looking into martial arts. With all the different people claiming their martial arts is perfect for the streets, this begs the question - do you really need to learn martial arts to defend yourself?

I'm probably one of the few martial artists if not the only one who will tell you - No, you do not need to learn martial arts for self defense. If you've read my other blog post "why martial arts does not mean self defense" (, you would understand my reasons for giving you that answer. I think having some martial arts training would be beneficial depending on the style and how well you use it, but it's not needed. All you need are the bare essentials from any combat system martial arts or not.

I would be more concerned about fighting someone who's only had basic combat techniques but knows how to use them well vs. someone who's devoted years of intense training in martial arts and still doesn't understand the usefulness of his/her moves. Why? Because the person who only learns the basics understands that simplicity and efficiency are what make someone a skilled fighter. He/she uses less movement, energy, and time than someone who uses too much. It's not learning thousands of techniques or spending long hours of training and fitness. My best advice for you is to be simple, efficient, and effective. Choose to stand out from the others who believe that quantity equals quality. While they are learning about how to do all these fancy grapples and other moves, your learning about how to make the first hit count. While they're repeating the same forms or katas countless times, your actually putting your moves into practice with a sparring partner. While they are learning how to fight one on one with an attacker, you are learning how to adapt to every situation.

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