Saturday, February 18, 2017

Self defense against an active shooter

Active shootings have become more common and have taken many lives so it's of critical importance that you learn what to do before active shootings take place. If you don't have a plan beforehand, you will probably freeze when an active shooter starts firing rounds. This self defense guide teaches you some of the basic and most fundamental keys in dealing with active shootings with a few helpful videos:

1) Situational awareness - Studies show that active shootings are usually planned in advance. Active shooters have some emotional and psychological issues before they go out to commit horrendous acts (see link below.) They also have access to weapons. It's important you keep track of those around you and their body language. Signs such as pulling shirts down, wearing unusual clothing, or leaving bags in certain areas are key to spotting active shooters. Knowing where the exits are and where your attention needs to be are also key elements in situational awareness. If you suspect an active shooting is about to take place, you need to take action.  

2) Escape - As soon as you sense shots being fired or smoke grenades being tossed in, you need to escape through the nearest exit as soon as possible. Some active shooters will use smoke to conceal themselves before they shoot civilians. If you have a gun, you don't want to try and engage in a gunfight with an active shooter. This is because if you get killed in the process, you won't be able to effectively help others. You may also be mistaken for the active shooter by the police and killed by accident. If you can land accurate shots as you make your escape then do so but ultimately you will want to get to safety and call for help. Make sure that you run in unpredictable patterns only if the shooter is firing at you. Other than that, run as fast as you can in a straight line to an exit. Be sure to alert others of the danger to prevent them from entering.

3) Hide - If you are stuck inside a building then you need to hide. Before you do, you will need to get as many people following you as possible if they want to survive an active shooting. Get inside a room and lock the doors. Turn off all lights and barricade the doors. Turn off your cellphones and be as quiet as possible. Get down as low as you can in a far corner of the room to avoid gunfire. If the active shooter sees that he or she cannot access the room quickly enough, the shooter might believe there's no one there or not bother trying to break in. 

4) Fight - If you are caught in a situation where you absolutely must fight as a last resort then you need a strategy and end the threat by any means necessary. If you have an ally such as a cop or civilian trained in firearms then you need to protect him or her at all costs. If that person dies, you lose a huge advantage over the active shooter. If you are with a group of people then you have a numbers advantage against the active shooter. If you are trained in gun disarming then you need to take the initiative and take out the gunman yourself. Since there's only active shooter, he or she cannot defend against every attacker. Perhaps you could have someone serve as bait to distract the gunman while you take the gunman down and attack until you disarm him or her. Once the gunman is down, you could have the other survivors use weapons or hold the shooter down then disarm him or her. You will need to be resourceful and use cover, concealment, distractions, improvised weapons, among environmental factors when fighting an active shooter.  

Practice defending yourself against an active shooter in various scenarios with a partner using a fake gun.

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