Friday, February 17, 2017

Self defense against spear

Whether it's a spear, a staff, or any other long thrusting weapon - you will need to learn how to deal with each one using some fundamental principles. They are as follows: 1) Distance control 2) Redirect the weapon 3) Close the gap 4) Control 5) Disarm. That being said, here's some advice on how to defend yourself against a spear attack and even disarm a spearsman.

* Look for an improvised weapon - Look for a weapon that you can use against someone attacking you with a spear. It could be anything such as a gun, knife, rocks, etc. An improvised weapon is better than no weapon especially in these situations. You could use it as a shield, a projectile, or a distraction to blind your attacker's vision as you attack. 

* Keep your distance - You have to move around and keep at a certain distance away from the spear. If you are too close, your attacker can make a full committed thrust with the spear and you will get hit. If you stay too far from your attacker, you will eventually get driven back and hurt or killed. Keeping your distance is very critical for what follows next. 

* Redirect the line of attack, control the weapon, and close the gap - Timing is of the essence when dealing with a spear thrust or hit. When your attacker makes a committed thrust or hit with the spear, you can move out of the line of attack or simply redirect the line of attack with your hand and grab the weapon. You will want to grab the spear with both hands for better leverage. If you don't then your attacker can redirect the spear or pull away from your grip easily. It's very important to move in close to your attacker's body to avoid having your attacker redirect the spear in your direction. You can kick your attacker in the process as a distraction or in an attempt to get him/her to release the weapon.

* Disarm - Continue to rotate the spear upwards or downwards until the grip is weakened and you can force the spear out of your attacker's hands. From there, you can attack him or her with it.

* Evade when needed - Sometimes you will need to evade a spearsman if you are too far away as the spear can be thrown at you. Be sure to find cover and concealment as quickly as possible.

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