Thursday, February 16, 2017

Self defense against an ambush

Let's assume that you are walking down the street on your phone and suddenly you are attacked by a group of assailants out of nowhere. Would you be able to defend yourself? If so, how? If you have no idea how to defend yourself against an ambush, you've come to the right place! This 2-step self defense guide will teach you the basic fundamentals in surviving an ambush.

1) Have situational awareness - This is probably the most important step. Without situational awareness, you won't be able to effectively deal with an ambush. You don't have eyes in the back of your head so you need to channel your attention to where it matters most. Keep an eye on those around you and read their body language. Do you see people who look suspicious? Do they stare at your every movement? What do their facial expressions say about them? Are you being followed? Do you hear someone running from behind you? These are all important observations you should make in order to spot an ambush before it happens. You will need to put yourself in the minds of your attackers to do this well. A useful technique in these types of situations is one that the military uses called slicing the pie. The idea is to scan corners or potential hiding places in circular angles where the enemy cannot see you but you can see your enemy. If you create distance between you and potential attacker or attackers, you create more time to react. Jim Wagner elaborates more on this concept.

2) Attack or avoid your attackers - If you spot the attackers and can avoid them all-together, do so. If you are hit from behind, you need to turn quickly and face your attacker or attackers. The second best way to deal with an ambush is by attacking. Your attacker or attackers will expect you to go to the defensive or comply when there's an ambush. By attacking or counter-attacking at full force, you surprise your attacker or attackers. This video explains how this works.

Practice countering ambushes in training with your sparring partners and using these principles in mind.

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