Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Self defense against a hostage situation

This self defense guide will teach you what to do in a hostage situation. Let's suppose that your in a bank or store when suddenly, an armed attacker or attackers take you hostage. It's very important that you have an idea of what to do in those scenarios as many things could go wrong.

* Disarm - If you are the only one taken hostage then you apply the same principles as you would if you were disarming a gunman or knifeman (see "how to disarm a gunman" and "self defense against a knifeman" If you and your attacker are surrounded by police then you have the advantage. Distract him or her before you attack. If possible, try to get the attacker to direct the weapon away from you. As soon as you sense an opportunity then strike with explosive speed. Control the weapon, redirect the line of attack, take your attacker down, and disarm. This video explains which techniques don't work and which one is more effective in a hostage scenario.

* Comply - If you and other people are taken hostage by multiple attackers then comply. Do whatever the armed attackers ask of you and get into a non-threatening posture. Doesn't matter how much self defense you know, it's safer to comply in these situations. You don't want to risk any innocent people getting hurt or killed. You and others also face the risk of getting accidentally shot by the police.

* Gather and leak information - As you comply, gather as much information as you can on your attackers. Are they mentally ill? Are they committing an armed robbery? Are they terrorists with a political agenda? What demands are they making? Who are they making the demands to? Do they intend on killing the hostages eventually? Where are they located? Where are the hostages located? Is there only one attacker or multiple? What kind of environment are you in? When you've gathered enough information on who your hostage takers are then you ought to find a way to leak it to the police. You could leave a door unlocked, a window open, create an opening in an area of the building, messages, etc. so the police can gather intelligence. If you can't then don't worry about it. Your safety should be your first priority. The information you get also lets you know what the proper response is.

* Escape - If you have an opportunity to escape without your attackers noticing then do so. Give other hostages the opportunity to escape undetected if possible. Otherwise, lay low and comply with your hostage takers.

* Empathize with your hostage takers - Try to get them to see you and others as human beings. Figure out why they are taking you hostage and what they want. This allows you to get a glimpse of the kind of people they are.

* Plan your moves - Complying isn't enough, you should already have a plan A and plan B then a plan C. Plan A should be comply. Plan B should be to leak info. or escape. Your last plan should be to fight. Don't just lay or sit there waiting for the police to rescue you. Hoping that they'll come in and save you while you remain completely unharmed is unrealistic. By the time they come in, you might already be dead. In the meantime, you need to be proactive and use your time wisely.

* Have a plan of attack - As soon as the hostage takers intend on killing or torturing their hostages and the police haven't arrived yet then you need to act quickly. You should've collaborated with the other hostages in taking out the hostage takers at some point. Use the environment to your advantage. Use whatever weapons and methods of distraction are available. Remember when faced with multiple hostage takers, the best way to deal with them is dealing with one at a time. You will need to take out at least one armed hostage taker as quickly and as silently as possible then disarm him or her without alerting the others. Even if it's not possible, you just need enough time to get the weapon and attack. In these types of situations, the use of deadlier force might be necessary than in a normal self defense situation. You might need to kill as many as you can with your bare hands or the weapon. As soon as the police enter or the hostage takers are eliminated, you need to comply with the police. Get down on the ground with your hands above your head and drop your weapons to communicate the police that you are not a threat.

In this particular situation, notice how the gunman pointed his gun at a man and the man responded by attempting a disarm. Immediately, the others rushed in to tackle the gunman and disarmed him. If you are trained in dealing with weapons and these types of situations then you have to take the initiative. By taking the initiative, you inspire others to take action.

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