Thursday, February 23, 2017

Expressing yourself in Jeet Kune Do

When Bruce Lee founded Jeet Kune Do and developed Jun Fan Gung Fu, he wanted to express himself honestly. This is the freedom that Jeet Kune Do provides it's practitioners - the freedom to express yourself through bodily movements. There's no set way of dealing with a particular situation. There is only your own way of fighting.

When i went out looking for a style that suits me, i realized that each martial art confined me to a certain way of doing things. I thought that i connected well with one particular style until i realized - i didn't like it. I didn't like some of the approaches to combat. I didn't like some of the movements and footwork. Granted, i did agree with some of the philosophies but i didn't see the need to be what the art wanted me to be. I wasn't the kind of person the art expected of me. 

When i learned and applied Jeet Kune Do to my martial arts training, i could feel the freedom in every movement. I could feel immense power and fluidity, no longer being confined to any set patterns. I realized who i am truly am. Deep within, i am an aggressive and enraged person. I realized for me, the best defense is a strong and brutal offense. I'm about destroying an attacker limb from limb, the whole body, the mind, and everything else. To me, Jeet Kune Do is about embracing the depths of the darkest parts of yourself along with the good and expressing the essence of who you are. I express who i am and my emotion of anger through the way i engage in combat. When you do that then you are able to unlock your potential as a martial artist and a human being. Sadly, i believe very few martial artists express themselves honestly. Instead, they seek to conform to set patterns of what others expect of them.   

By freeing yourself from the expectations of others, you learn how to unlock your highest potential in combat. When applying Jeet Kune Do philosophy to martial arts training in self defense, your ultimate goal is to discover who you are. What kind of person are you? How do you prefer to end a conflict? What is your ultimate goal in life? What are your physical and mental abilities? What techniques and strategies work best for you? If you can attain knowledge of yourself then you will find a way to defend yourself effectively using Jeet Kune Do principles and philosophy.

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