Friday, February 10, 2017

Self defense against nunchaku

The Nunchaku or nunchucks is a traditional martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected with a chain or rope. I will give you some tips on how to deal with someone attacking you with nunchucks. Essentially you apply the same concepts you would with a baseball bat or any blunt force weapon (see "Self defense against a baseball bat"

* Find an improvised weapon - Pick up a weapon you could use to defend against nunchucks. If you can't find any then you may want to use clothing and wrap your arm around it to lessen the damage your enemy can do to you. Strike high or low depending on where your enemy swings the nunchucks.

* Intercept your enemy's attacks - The best time to burst into your enemy is before or after an attack is complete. As soon as your attacker is about to swing, close the gap between you and him quickly then block the arm from moving. From there, you strike and disarm the weapon by striking a pressure point in the arm. You could also grab the link holding the sticks together and strike down your enemy.

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