Saturday, February 11, 2017

Self defense against pepper spray

In this self defense guide, i will teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker wielding pepper spray. When defending against pepper spray, you apply almost the same principles as you would when dealing with a gun (see "self defense against a gunman"

1) Get out of range and line of fire - Pepper sprays have limited range so you can avoid getting sprayed by moving quickly away from your attacker. You also need to move out of the line of fire and into a better position to attack.

2) Take cover - As soon as someone tries to attack you with pepper spray, take cover behind an object or barrier. If none is present, block the pepper spray as you turn your body to the side and close your eyes tightly. This is to prevent the pepper spray from getting into your eyes and affecting you.

3) Attack - The reason why you'll want to block the pepper spray as you would punches is to avoid getting the spray into your eyes but also to avoid any incoming attacks. As soon as you have the opportunity, land your attacks on the person. Even if you get sprayed in the eyes, it will take a few seconds for the pepper spray to take effect. This gives you plenty of time to eliminate the threat quickly. You could grab the arm controlling the pepper spray and break it or takedown your attacker then disarm him or her. When the threat is over, wash the pepper spray out with cold running water and other means.

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