Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Self defense against suffocation

This self defense guide will teach you how to defend yourself against suffocation from objects such as pillows or plastic bags. If you read my post on self defense against strangulation "" then you should grasp the basic principles on how to deal with suffocation. Here's several tips on how to deal with someone trying to suffocate you.

* Face your attacker - If someone comes up from behind and pulls a bag over your head, turn to face your attacker. If someone is trying to smother you with a pillow then that's fine, as long as you know where your attacker is.

* Attack - When you get an idea where your attacker is, attack. You could break the fingers, strike vital nerves in the arms, push your attacker away, strike your attacker, kick, etc. Eventually, your attacker will loosen his or her grip due to pain or injuries.

* Disengage then engage - Once the grip has been loosened or released, disengage quickly. Remove the bag or pillow from your head to breathe properly again and engage your enemy. Attack your enemy until you bring him or her down.

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