Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is the Dim Mak "touch of death" real?

The Dim Mak "touch of death" is a set of martial arts techniques focused on targeting the body's vital points which could potentially result in death. Typically, this is done with finger or knuckle strikes. There's alot of controversy on it's legitimacy in combat but if you were to ask me "is the Dim Mak real?" My answer would be "yes but not in the way you think."

There's a scientific basis for Dim Mak being authentic. This does not however prove the existence of Chi or other mystical beliefs. While Dim Mak has it's history in Chinese medicine acupuncture, there's documented knowledge in western society. Modern medical literature has many articles suggesting that targeting the body's vital points can result in serious injury or death. There's been a documentary showing a scientific study conducted in Asia with instruments being used to observe the effects of Dim Mak on the body (see videos below.)

Why is the Dim Mak effective? The carotid sinus is a special sensory organ regulating the pressure of blood flow to the brain. The carotid sinus is located over internal and external carotid arteries. When blood pressure is too high, the carotid sinus signals the vasomotor center of the brain to decrease the blood pressure by dilating peripheral blood vessels and slowing down heart rate. That's why it can result in a loss of consciousness along with a build up of plaques in the carotid arteries. By striking this area, small tears can result in the carotid arteries and blood clots. Death can occur by striking this area. That's why doctors look for a pulse because the carotid artery is a major indicator of life. A very helpful resource in understanding more on Dim Mak is Dr. Michael Kelly's (a sports medical doctor) book "Death Touch: The Science of Dim Mak (1). In this book, he explains that stimulating a nerve through a Dim Mak point connected to an internal organ can cause damage.

Another helpful resource in understanding Dim Mak is Moontagu's youtube channel (2). A western view on Dim Mak and it's effects on the body is explained for each Dim Mak point. When you look at Dim Mak from a scientific point of view and it's effects on the nervous system along with the body's organs then you will see it's legitimacy. Can Dim Mak be applied in self defense? Yes but because of it's lethal nature, Dim Mak should only be used in certain types of extreme situations.

With an extensive knowledge of the body, you will be able to use Dim Mak in combat.



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