Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Accept challenges in self defense

The problem i have with martial artists and self defense instructors is that there is rarely any challenges accepted. I see demonstrations. I see applications. I see everything but solid experimentation in an unrehearsed environment. When i hear things like "i don't need to prove anything..", that gives the impression of false humility. If you are truly humble, you should be open to change and being proven wrong. You should be open to correction because what you think you know in self defense is a matter of life and death.

When someone poses a challenge to you and one of your teachings, accept it. If you are truly confident in your ability to defend yourself, you should be able to take on the challenge. If you are filled with self doubt, you should reflect on yourself and your training. Accepting a challenge should be viewed as a means of self awareness and self improvement as opposed to feeding into someone's ego. Now does that mean you should accept every challenge? Not necessarily because some people may try to lure you into a trap. Nevertheless accepting challenges can help build confidence, skills, and understanding. If you were proven wrong in a particular teaching, accept it and modify what you know. By doing this, you will be practicing effective self defense in addition to gaining a new perspective. If you never accept challenges, you won't grow at all in self defense and learn from your mistakes.

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