Monday, March 20, 2017

Self defense against a chainsaw attack

Chainsaw attacks might seem like a rare occurrence but they have happened before as shown in this video. What to do in these kinds of situations? How do you disarm someone attacking you with a chainsaw? Simple. You apply the same principles as you would with any weapon such as distance control, closing the gap and intercepting attacks, avoiding the line of attack, controlling the weapon, isolating it, and disarming. Read my post "self defense against a baseball bat" ( if you haven't already. The basic principles are as follows.

1) Control the distance - In this video, notice how some threw chairs at the chainsaw-wielding assailant. You'll want to use improvised weapons and objects such as tables to keep your attacker at bay. If there are none, you'll want to be at a safe distance but not too safe to where you can't disarm your attacker quickly.

2) Close the gap and intercept - The best time to strike is before or after an attack is completed. When someone is wielding a chainsaw, he or she can slash and thrust the weapon. If the attacker thrusts the weapon forward, you'll want to move to the side quickly and quickly close the gap then control the weapon. If you only move to the side but not try to control the weapon or close in on your attacker, you will get cut down. Timing is a matter of life and death.

3) Disarm - Once you got a firm two-handed grip on the weapon for better leverage, disarm by rotating it upwards or downwards then forcing it out of your attacker's hands. You could also the attacker's own momentum against him or her. You could also attack the legs and disrupt balance. Use kicks and other attacks as distractions. The choice is yours.

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