Thursday, March 16, 2017

Self defense against police brutality

Police brutality has been a problem in history for generations and many deaths have happened because of it. How do you defend yourself against police brutality? This self defense guide will teach you the essentials in surviving an attack from corrupt cops.

1) Know the laws in your vicinity - Without understanding the laws in your location, you won't be able to know when the police are acting out of line. If you act out of line, you will probably get prosecuted.

2) Comply - If you are unlawfully given orders by a corrupt police, comply. Don't try to argue and get violent. Some people like to do this to provoke the police and the result is they end up getting beaten. You will have time to justify yourself in the court of law later. You must realize at the present moment, the cop has weapons and you don't. You do not want under any circumstances give the police a reason to attack you.

3) Draw as much attention to yourself as possible - Get others to record the situation with their cameras. This helps build your case of self defense and makes it less likely for the police to engage in police brutality. If you don't have witnesses, it's going to be very hard to prove you were acting in self defense. Make sure that your eyes are on the cops and not wandering elsewhere. Keep track of the unlawful behavior of the cop.

4) Know when to defend yourself - If you've complied by doing everything that was asked of you and the police officer still wants to attack you, it's time to strike.You defend yourself against the police in the same manner you would any street attacker. Make sure that you avoid the shield or push against it and use it to avoid the line of attack as shown in this video. Be cautious of the cop calling for back up as you don't know whether or not the other officers are corrupt or unaware of the corrupt officer's behavior. If the officer is wearing body armor, strike at unprotected areas of the body.

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