Monday, April 10, 2017

How likely are you to be a victim of violent crime?

It's interesting to note that many Americans believe that violent crime is increasing according to polls. They might take self defense classes or buy weapons for home defense. In my other post "do you need to learn self defense" (, i mentioned whether or not self defense was practical. In this post, i'm going to discuss how much violent crime is going to affect you.

Violent crime is actually quite different from people's perceptions. Violent crimes have in reality gone down since the 90's according to the FBI's statistics (1). Most cults, sociopaths (2), and what we think are common violent offenders are non-violent. Serial killings account for no more than 1% of all murders (3). That being said, this whole perception that your likely to be a victim of a violent crime is wrong. It's surely possible but with a few considerations.

There are many violent crimes that go unreported so we don't have a completely accurate statistics on violent crimes. Violent crimes vary depending on where you live and where i live for example, violent crimes rarely happen. They also depend on your occupations as some put you at more risk, your relationship, where you travel, and more.

How does this relate to self defense? It should be part of situational awareness. It all boils back to my post "know your enemy in self defense" ( Don't get overwhelmed by fear that you blindly take precautions against an enemy you think exists and be completely unaware of the real enemy. Look at the facts. If you plan a trip, look to take on a job, in an abusive relationship, traveling through a dangerous neighborhood then take precautions for your safety. Don't walk right into a trap. Be aware of your surroundings and take steps to avoid even being in a violent confrontation to begin with.  




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