Sunday, April 9, 2017

Is sword-fighting effective for self defense?

You've probably seen many martial arts utilize combat with the sword in training such as HEMA, Kendo,Iaido, Kenjutsu, and others. If you've been wondering if sword-fighting has practical applications for self defense then there's some things you'll want to consider.
My answer is no, sword-fighting is not effective for self defense and i'll tell you why. It's not because of the skills, techniques, deadly nature of the blade. Those are all very effective. The ultimate reason why sword-fighting is not effective for self defense is because swords are illegal in many areas (see link below.) You are only allowed to have a sword up to a certain length which varies from state to state. Even then, you cannot use it in public. Perhaps the only exceptions are for historical and cultural purposes. In some areas, you potentially could use it in home defense such as the UK but you might face two problems. 

1) Imprisonment or a fine - if the judge finds that the sword was a dangerous weapon or that the deadly force was not proportional to the threat, your screwed. As i stated before in my post "should you kill in self defense?" (, it will look bad on your part if you killed someone especially with a sword. This severely limits your effective use of sword-fighting for self defense. 

2) Limited range and motion - Swords such as Katanas are great for the outdoors but terrible indoors if you live in a confined area. You probably won't have enough space to move around and attack.   

For legal reasons, i don't recommend that you use sword-fighting for self defense. In fact, i strongly suggest that you don't. Any martial art that uses sword-fighting should be used mainly for historical and cultural purposes or a hobby.

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